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 "Massage from the desk of Chairman" is a visionary with rich experience in the field of Academics. He is an active social worker and played a prominent role in development of Educational Institutions. 
It was just a committed idea to develop the quality technical, managerial skills among the young minds of India through providing the quality education. Having rich commendable entrepreneurial experience in the field of Academic innovations and being concerned for socially causes and devoted for community services through educational dependability and excellence the blue print of success drafted. 
Inspired with great visionary of Modern India Dr. S. Radhakrishanan & Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s vision for the capable and strong India “MKR Group of Institutions” founded for providing the quality professional, technical and managerial education to the youth to make the remarkable contribution in the national development. The inspiration continue to guide us and makes organization more responsible for the need of modern India where the challenge are high to establish the country to leads the world by the end of this decade. 
Education should build character, sharpen the intellect, and encourage free thinking. The idea is not to give the students just an assembly line degree but to sculpt the young minds into giants in knowledge with upright character and unwavering ethics, possessing a firm resolve to shape the future. They must adapt to change and steer through the turbulent sea of the world like an adept captain of the ship.
The encouragement and overwhelming response, paved way for creation of other professional institutions in the following years, to impart quality education in specialized fields like Engineering (Diploma & Graduation), Pharmacy (Diploma & Graduation), Management Courses and group now spreading its wing for the wellness and health of the society through Ayurveda Medical. 
MKR Group devoted with missionary sense and effectively utilized it’s skills set, talent pool and expertise knowledge to provide Engineering & Technology, Management, Pharmacy, Medical & Para Medical professional educational compare with the best in India. The placements of the students in premier companies in India and abroad, and selection for higher studies in reputed universities all across India and abroad, vouch that group have achieved remarkable success in our mission. 
Nirbhay Singh 
-The Chairman 
M.K.R Group of Institutions, Aligarh


To be the ultimate destination for quality education & research.


To provide an open oppurtinity to the youth generator of evolving their core competencies for building their career as world class professionals & technician with brod base foundation through knowledge and versality to meet challenging of global competitions.


SRC Educational & Welfare Society has been a pioneer since its begining. In tune with the times , it has been expanding its acamedic horizons to create an Educational Paradise for the coming generations. Professionals have been a driving force behind the society. The societ has invested in the state of art infrastructure and is commited to deliver quality and satisfaaction to the students as well as other customers. The samiti has proposed to create new vistas of learning and education to give a vast field to the modern youth aspiring for the establishent.
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